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Title:Exact ground states of a staggered supersymmetric model for lattice fermions
Authors:L. Huijse, N. Moran J. Vala and K. Schoutens, 2011
Abstract: We study a supersymmetric model for strongly interacting lattice fermions in the presence of a staggering parameter. The staggering is introduced as a tunable parameter in the manifestly supersymmetric Hamiltonian. We obtain analytic expressions for the ground states in the limit of small and large staggering for the model on the class of doubly decorated lattices. On this type of lattice there are two ground states, each with a different density. In one limit we find these ground states to be a simple Wigner crystal and a valence bond solid state. In the other limit we find two types of quantum liquids. As a special case, we investigate the quantum liquid state on the one dimensional chain in detail. It is characterized by a massless kink that separates two types of order.
ICHEC Project:Topological phases in quantum lattice systems
Publication:Physics Review B 84, 115124 (2011) [15 pages]
URL: http://link.aps.org/doi/10.1103/PhysRevB.84.115124
Status: Published

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