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Title:FOXL2 Is Regulated During the Bovine Estrous Cycle and Its Expression in the Endometrium Is Independent of Conceptus-Derived Interferon Tau
Authors:Eozenou C., Carvalho A.V., Forde N., Giraud-Delville C., Gall L., Lonergan P., August A., Charpigny G., Richard C., Pannetier M. and Sandra O., 2012
Abstract: FOXL2, a winged-helix/forkhead domain transcription factor, is a key gene involved in the differentiation and biological functions of the ovary. In a recent transcriptomic analysis, we found FOXL2 to be listed as a differentially expressed gene in bovine caruncular compared to intercaruncular endometrium. In order to gain new insights into FOXL2 in this tissue, we determined the expression of this transcription factor during the estrous cycle and establishment of pregnancy in cattle. The endometrial expression of FOXL2 did not vary during maternal recognition of pregnancy (day 16 to day 20). Using an in vivo bovine model and primary cell cultures, we showed that FOXL2 was not an interferon-tau target gene. Both FOXL2 transcript and protein were expressed from day 5 to day 20 of the estrous cycle, and their levels showed a significant increase during the luteolytic phase. A two-day progesterone supplementation in heifers led to a clear down-regulation of FOXL2 protein levels suggesting a negative impact of progesterone on FOXL2 expression. Immunohistochemistry data revealed the localization of FOXL2 in endometrial stromal and glandular cells. FOXL2 sub-cellular distribution was shown to be nuclear in endometrial samples collected during the luteolytic period while it was not detected in the nuclei during the luteal phase and at implantation. Collectively, our findings provide the first evidence that FOXL2 is involved in the regulation of endometrial tissue physiology.
ICHEC Project:
Publication:Biology of Reproduction (2012) Published online 23 May 2012.
URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1095/biolreprod.112.101584
Keywords: FOXL2; endometrium; bovine; estrous cycle; pregnancy
Status: Published

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