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Title:Superorbital modulation of X-ray emission from gamma-ray binary LSI +61 303
Authors:M. Chernyakova, A. Neronov, S. Molkov, D. Malyshev, A. Lutovinov, G. Pooley, 2012
Abstract: We report the discovery of a systematic constant time lag between the X-ray and radio flares of the gamma-ray binary LSI +61 303, persistent over a long, multi-year timescale. Using the data from the monitoring of the system by RXTE we show that the orbital phase of X-ray flares from the source varies from X 0.35 to X 0.75 on the superorbital 4.6 yr timescale. Simultaneous radio observations show that periodic radio flares always lag the X-ray flare by Δ X – R 0.2. We propose that the constant phase lag corresponds to the time of flight of the high-energy particle-filled plasma blobs from inside the binary to the radio emission region at the distance of ~10 times the binary separation distance. We put forward a hypothesis that the X-ray bursts correspond to the moments of formation of plasma blobs inside the binary system.
ICHEC Project:FERMI Data Analysis
Publication:The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 747 (2), L29, February 2012
URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1088/2041-8205/747/2/L29
Keywords: X-rays: binaries; X-rays: individual (LSI +61 303)
Status: Published

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