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Title:Evaluating the mechanical behaviour of 316 stainless steel at the microscale using finite element modelling and in-situ neutron scattering
Authors:Au. D Li, Au. N O'Dowd, Au. C Davies, Au. SY Zhang, 2010
Abstract: In this study, the deformation behavior of an austenitic stainless steel is investigated at the microscale by means of insitu neutron diffraction (ND) measurements in conjunction with finite-element (FE) simulations. Results are presented in terms of (elastic) lattice strains for selected grain (crystallite) families. The FE model is based on a crystallographic (slip system based) representation of the deformation at the microscale. The present study indicates that combined in-situ ND measurement and micromechanical modelling provides an enhanced understanding of the mechanical response at the microscale in engineering steels.
ICHEC Project:Microscale study of the deformation and failure behaviour of polycrystals at elevated temperature
Publication:Proc. 2010 ASME PVP/K-PVP Conference: Pressure Vessel Tehnologies for Energy Challenge, 18-20 Jul 2010
URL: http://epubs.stfc.ac.uk/work-details?w=52652
Status: Published

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