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Title:Self-expanding stent modelling and radial force accuracy
Authors:Ríona Ní Ghriallais, Mark Bruzzi, 2012
Abstract: Computational simulations using finite element analysis are a tool commonly used to analyse stent designs, deployment geometries and interactions between stent struts and arterial tissue. Such studies require large computational models and efforts are often made to simplify models in order to reduce computational time while maintaining reasonable accuracy. The objective of the study is focused on computational modelling and specifically aims to investigate how different methods of modelling stent-artery interactions can affect the results, computational time taken and computational size of the model. Various different models, each with increasing levels of complexity, are used to simulate this analysis, representing the many assumptions and simplifications used in other similar studies in order to determine what level of simplification will still allow for an accurate representation of stent radial force and resulting stress concentrations on the inner lining of the vessel during self-expanding stent deployment. The main conclusions of the study are that methods used in stent crimping impact on the resulting predicted radial force of the stent; that accurate representation of stent-artery interactions can only be made when modelling the full length of the stent due to the incorporation of end effects; and that modelling self-contact of the stent struts greatly impacts on the resulting stress concentrations within the stent, but that the effect of this on the unloading behaviour and resulting radial force of the stent is negligible.
ICHEC Project:Investigating the Effects of Knee Flexion on Stented Peripheral Arteries
Publication:Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, 2012
URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/10255842.2012.683427
Keywords: radial force; Nitinol; self-expanding stent; finite element analysis; artery interaction
Status: Accepted

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