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Title:Development of the finite volume particle method for internal flow with rigid body dynamics
Authors:Nathan J. Quinlan, Libor Lobovský, Mihai Basa, Ruairi M. Nestor, 2012
Abstract: Particle methods offer an interesting approach for simulation of flow around moving bodies in confined ducts, where conventional methods would suffer extreme mesh distortion. However, it is difficult to maintain a reliable distribution of particles while internal flow passages rapidly change in cross-sectional area, or open and close completely, as in mechanical heart valve. We present some developments of FVPM to address this problem. A simple fluid-rigid-body interaction algorithm is described and validated for flow over an elastically mounted cylinder with transverse vortex-induced vibration. A hybrid Lagrangian-ALE particle motion scheme is proposed, with ALE particles distributed over the moving body and moving with it, and Lagrangian particles flowing through most of the domain. This has the advantage of ensuring particle cover near the body at all times, and also gives an opportunity for refined particle distribution around the body. Some body-following particles may pass completely or partially through the domain boundary. Some special treatment is required for particles that have very small volume remaining inside the domain to prevent numerical error from dominating. The hybrid particle motion approach is demonstrated for flow around a body with prescribed motion impinging on a wall, and for an idealised two-dimensional mechanical heart valve.
ICHEC Project:HPC implementation of mesh-free computational fluid dynamics
Publication:Proceedings of the 7th International SPHERIC Workshop. Prato, Italy, 2012
URL: http://spheric7.monash.edu/
Status: Accepted

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