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Title:Modelling bearing failure in countersunk composite joints under quasi-static loading using 3D explicit finite element analysis
Authors:B. Egan, M.A. McCarthy, R.M. Frizzell, P.J. Gray, C.T. McCarthy, 2014
Abstract: Three-dimensional explicit finite element modelling is used to predict the quasi-static bearing response of typical countersunk composite fuselage skin joints. In order to accurately simulate bearing failure, a user-defined 3D composite damage model was formulated for Abaqus/Explicit and included Puck failure criteria, a nonlinear shear law and a crack band model to mitigate mesh sensitivity. A novel approach was developed to employ characteristic element lengths which account for the orientation of composite ply cracks in the Abaqus/Explicit solver. Resulting models accurately predicted initial joint sticking behaviour and the elastic loading response of single-bolt and three-bolt joints, but preliminary predictions of bearing failure onset were overly-conservative. Improved failure predictions were obtained by utilising a fracture energy for compressive fibre failure which was considered more relevant for simulating bearing damage. The explicit models were exceptionally robust, showing capability to predict extensive hole crushing. Methods of dramatically improving joint model efficiency were highlighted.
ICHEC Project:Modelling the Mechanical Behaviour of Next-Generation Aircraft Joints using an Explicit Dynamics Approach
Publication:Composite Structures, Volume 108, February 2014, Pages 963-977.
URL: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0263822313005461
Keywords: Finite element analysis, explicit dynamics, progressive damage, carbon-epoxy, bolted joints, countersunk fasteners
Status: Published

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