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Title:AutoTune: Automatic Online Code Tuning
Authors:Renato Miceli, Gilles Civario, François Bodin, 2012
Abstract: Performance analysis and tuning is an important step in programming multicore and manycore architectures. There are several tools to help developers analyze application performance; still, no tool provides recommendations about how to tune the code. AutoTune will extend Periscope, an automatic online and distributed performance analysis tool developed by Technische Universität München, with plugins for performance and energy efficiency tuning. The resulting Periscope Tuning Framework will be able to tune serial and parallel codes with and without GPU kernels; in addition, it will return tuning recommendations that can be integrated into the production version of the code.
ICHEC Project:
Publication:NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference 2012 (GTC 2012). San Jose, USA. May 2012
URL: http://developer.download.nvidia.com/GTC/PDF/GTC2012/Posters/P0400_Autotune_Automatic_RenatoMiceli.pdf
Keywords: Development Tools & Libraries; GTC 2012 - ID P0400
Status: Submitted

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