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Eligibility Criteria


There are specific eligibility criteria regarding who may apply for access to resources on local ICHEC systems. Access to remote systems via access collaborations or other mechanisms will generally be subject to separate rules on a case-by-case basis.


A researcher making an application on behalf of their group or consortium is referred to as a Principal Investigators (PI). The following criteria control who is eligible to be a PI:

  • A PI must be employed by an Irish University or research organisation (explicitly excluding commercial organisations). Note that we are unable to accept applications based on profit-making research at this stage.
  • A PI must be at a Postdoctoral (or higher) level, with the exception of Class C projects where PhD students are accepted. PhD students are only eligible to be PI of Class C projects.
  • A PI employed under a fixed-term contract should note that the proposed end date of their project can not extend beyond the end of their employment contract.
  • A PI applying for a Class A "High Impact" project must ensure that any named co-investigator is also eligible to be a PI.

Some additional notes:

  • Collaborators based in foreign institutions (outside of Ireland) are eligible to join projects as regular users. They are just not eligible to apply as PI and or be named as a co-invesitgator. Their number can not exceed 20% of the total number of users within a project. This means that if a project has five users including the PI, then only one of these users may be based in a foreign institution.
  • Students are eligible to use ICHEC resources as a member of an accepted project. To do so they need to become a member of an existing research project or ask their supervisor (assuming they meet the eligibility criteria) to apply on their behalf.