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Video Conferencing Service

Video Conferencing Unit


As video conferencing technology becomes more prevalent in education and research, ICHEC is offering its users free access to its video conferencing facility located at the HPC Hub, subject to availability.

The facility may be used in conjunction with the HEAnet Video Conferencing services. By connecting to HEAnet's Polycom Multipoint Conferencing Unit (MCU), up to 18 locations can participate in a conference call (i.e. a "virtual meeting room").

The specification of our equipment satisfies HEAnet recommendations. Video conferencing units similar to ICHEC's are being/already installed in various Irish Third-Level Institutions (TLIs). Therefore conference calls between ICHEC and other TLIs should have minimal compatibility issues.


To make a booking for the video conferencing facility, please submit an issue through the ICHEC Helpdesk specifying the time, date and duration of your conference call.

Please note that this is an extra benefit ICHEC provides to its users, there is no guarantee that all bookings can be accommodated. Users are encouraged to contact their institutional video conferencing service as a first port of call.

Usage Guidelines

For users at our ICHEC office who wish to initiate an outgoing video conference call, our staff is on hand to help with the set-up (usually by means of dialing a GDS number or calling an IP address).

For external parties who wish to set up video conference meetings with ICHEC, the following guidelines are available:

  • Connect directly to an ICHEC office:

    If you wish to initiate a point-to-point (i.e. one-to-one) video conferencing session with an ICHEC office, set up the equipment to dial one of the following GDS (Global Dialing Scheme) numbers:

    • 00353011600003 (Dublin office)
    • 00353011600004 (Galway office)
  • Participate in a multi-point conference in ICHEC's "virtual meeting room" (hosted by HEAnet)

    HEAnet's MCU allows up to 18 different sites to participate in the same conference call within a "virtual meeting room", where all participants must agree to dial to the same room before the meeting. ICHEC has its own room (No. 160), accessible by dialing the following GDS number:

    • 003530110051160

    Access to this room is secured by a PIN. Please contact the relevant ICHEC staff involved in the meeting for the PIN.