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Visualisation Service

The Jet Stream
Temperature and Relative Humidity Surfaces


In recognition of the growing need for researchers to visualise complex data and simulations, ICHEC users may now gain access to the visualisation facility located at the HPC Hub. The facility enables full active 3D stereoscopic visualisation (i.e. user can view virtual objects/environments in 3D through the use of special glasses). But unlike watching a passive 3D movie, the motion tracking system allows for user position awareness (virtual objects could move with the user) and/or manipulation of the environment (e.g. rotating a virtual object).

Similar to the operation of other ICHEC services, technical support will be provided by our staff on top of access to the hardware. Researchers with an interest in visualisation are highly encouraged to contact us via the steps indicated below.

How to gain access?

Make a request through the ICHEC Helpdesk to visit the HPC Hub and to use the visualisation facility. It would be useful at this stage to provide some details of the task at hand, e.g.:

  • What is being visualised?
  • Volume and format of the dataset
  • Required software tools/packages (e.g. ParaView, VTK)
    (Don't worry if you are unsure about this, our staff is on hand to consult)

Finally, visit us at the HPC Hub. In cases where massive datasets are involved, consider bringing along a portable hard drive that contains the data.