Meghan Fisher

Meghan Fisher

Computational Scientist
+353 1 524 1608 (ext 48)
HPC Hub Dublin


Meghan earned bachelor degrees in geology and mathematics from Bryn Mawr College in the United States in 2011. She will finish her Ph.D. in geoscience from Idaho State University (USA) in the fall of 2018, where she studied mixing dynamics in explosive volcanic eruptions. 

Current Work

Meghan's current research addresses bottlenecks in seismic processing of Oil and Gas. She works on the ExSeisDat project that comprises of a parallel I/O library and a seismic workflow library. Additionally, she works on machine learning applications for Oil and Gas. 

Experience & Interest

Meghan’s background is in volcanology and computational geoscience. She has developed software to sonify and visualize seismographs, as well as optical flow software to quantify and track eddy evolution in convective plumes. She developed a 4D Navier-Stokes simulator to study explosive volcanic eruptions on early Mars (3.5 - 4 Ga). Additionally, she has worked on projects to assess error in time of concentration models for watershed hydrology and simulate snowmelt. She has worked with the Southern California Earthquake Center, Idaho NSF EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research), Idaho Museum of Natural History, US Bureau of Land Management, and NASA’s Idaho Space Grant Consortium. Her current interest includes seismic workflows, I/O performance, machine learning, and computer vision.

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  • Fisher, M., Nawotniak, S., Karunatillake, S., & Lim, D. (2017). Modeling a volcanic eruption column on Mars: a 4D solution. Lunar and Planetary Science, 48, 2855.
  • Nawotniak, S. & Fisher, M. (2016). Evolving Landscapes: Drivers of Change in HPC for GIS. 6th NSF/TCPP Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Computing Education (EduPar 2016), at IPDPS 2016. 
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