Moataz Mohamad, Ph.D.

GIS Computational Researcher
PhD in Environmental and Geographical Sciences,The University of Nottingham
B. Sc. in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Ain Shams University. Egypt
+353 1 524 1608 (ext 27)
HPC Hub Dublin

Moataz joined the Environmental Science team in August 2018, working on the ESA-EVDCproject, funded by the European Space Agency, and INFER project funded by EPA.

Experienced GIS Computational Scientist, Moataz worked on remote Sensing and Deep Learning projects. Since 2009 he has been working with multinational companies, institutes and organisations to deliver interdisciplinary projects.

Moataz also holds postgraduate diplomas from Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland and Information Technology Institute in Egypt in addition to his bachelor degree.


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Ali Behnam, Darshana Charitha, Moataz Ahmed, Tuong-Thuy Vu “Automated Progress Monitoring System for Linear Construction Projects Using Satellite Remote Sensing”. Automation in Construction August 2016.


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Moataz Ahmed, Dai Huynh, Darshana Wickramasinghe, Tuong-Thuy Vu, “Crowd-2-Cloud: Remote Sensing Land cover Verification with Crowd-sourcing Data” Free Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G), September 2015.