Myles Doyle

Computational Scientist
MSc in High Performance Computing, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
BSc in Mathematics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
+353 1 524 1608 (ext 37)
HPC Hub Dublin

Myles completed his M.Sc. in High Performance Computing (HPC) after finishing his B.A. Mod. in Mathematics, both at Trinity College Dublin. His M.Sc. project involved creating an application which evolved the state of a fluid flow while accounting for streamline interactions, and porting this application to run on an NVIDIA GPU. During this time, Myles gained experience in developing in a HPC environment and in applying the skills he learned during his undergraduate degree.

Prior to joining ICHEC in September 2018, Myles undertook a 6 month long research internship developing a plugin to help reduce the energy cost of applications targeted to run on HPC systems. This application used machine learning techniques to predict optimal hardware configurations given a set of parameters collected at runtime.