Niall Moran

Niall Moran, Ph.D.

Senior Computational Scientist
PhD Mathematical Physics, Maynooth University, Ireland
BEng Electronic & Computer Engineering, NUI Galway, Ireland
+353 1 524 1608 (ext 39)
NUI Galway

Niall obtained his BEng in electronic and computer engineering from NUI Galway (2005) and his PhD in Mathematical Physics from Maynooth University (2010). During his PhD, he worked on developing and applying scale-able numerical tools for simulating quantum lattice models, focusing on those with relevance to topological quantum computation. He completed a post-doc at laboratiore Pierre Aigrain at École normale supérieure, Paris, working on simulations of fractional quantum Hall systems. In 2013, he joined the department of mathematical physics at Maynooth University as a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer. Here he continued developing and applying numerical methods to fractional quantum systems and also worked on quantum wires and at applying machine learning methods to the simulation of quantum systems. While at Maynooth he also lectured in computational physics, statistical mechanics & thermal physics as well as probability & statistics.

He is the author of, and contributor to, a number of open source simulation packages including DoQO, DiagHam and Hammer.

In addition Niall has held a number of industry positions across a range of domains including:

- Principal data scientist developing a data science platform for e-commerce at Cartrawler (2018)

- Senior data scientist developing machine learning products for cyber security at Corvil Ltd. (2017)

- Developer of automotive vision systems as a vision research engineer at Valeo Vision Systems (2012)

- Systems administrator and software architect at ICHEC (2005-2007)

- Software developer of web and enterprise systems at the mission critical and proactive services group at Hewlett Packard (2001-2004)


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