Ruairi Short Picture

Ruairi Short

Oil & Gas Activities Lead
Computational Scientist
MSc High Performance Computing, Edinburgh University
B.A. Mod. Theoretical Phyics, Trinity College Dublin
+353 1 524 1608 (ext 44)
HPC Hub Dublin

Ruairi joined ICHEC in October 2013 and now works primarily in the oil and gas team in ICHEC. His main activity is developing applications in C++ for one of ICHEC's largest clients, Tullow Oil. This work focuses on providing highly optimised code with accurate results. ICHEC's machine, Fionn is the main target with simulations running on large numbers of cores, being parallelised with OpenMP and MPI. Oil and gas has been his passion since 2014 and this collaboration with Tullow resulted in a publication with hopefully more to come.

Ruairi is also part of the project management team in ICHEC and in particular, leads the Oil & Gas activity. He is trained in both PRINCE2 and Agile (Scrum) methodologies. He also manages and maintains the internal systems central to project management in the organisation.

Previous work in ICHEC has included areas such as climate modelling with the XIOS library, and developing a sudoku game for use at outreach events. This was first used at the Young Scientist Exhibition in January of 2014.

Prior to ICHEC Ruairi has an MSc in High Performance Computing from Edinburgh University where he worked on the lattice boltzmann code, LUDWIG, implementing a parallel Fast Fourier Transform method of solving Poisson's equation and graduated in 2013. This built on his undergraduate B.A. Mod in Theoretical Physics from Trinity College Dublin giving him a diverse mathematical background and an ability and interest to learn about new technologies and algorithms.


Tilted transverse isotropic reverse time migration with angle gathers: Implementation and efficiency, Sean J. Delaney, Gareth S. O'Brien, Ruairi Short, Gilles Civario, GEOPHYSICS, GEOPHYSICS, 81 (2016) S419-S432,