IRL-DataSpace & IRL-DSSC: A federated national data ecosystem and support centre for Ireland

ICHEC & HEAnet launch position paper with framework to federate national data ecosystem for R&I and public policymaking

In this position paper, ICHEC and HEAnet outline the context and recommended framework to build a Common Data Space for Ireland (IRL-DataSpace) to address data-driven global challenges through collaborative Research and innovation (R&I) between academia, industry and the public sector to address grand challenges and inform better public policy-making. 

IRL-DataSpace & IRL-DSSC Position Paper: A Common Data Space & Support Centre for Ireland

IRL-DataSpace & IRL-DSSC Brief: A Common Data Space & Support Centre for Ireland

IRL-DataSpace will be a federation of data stakeholders, data systems and services at a national level that also links with relevant European resources. 

IRL-DataSpace will accelerate and support a structured synergised unification of the national data ecosystem (composed of academic and public research bodies, and enterprise organisations where relevant) which is currently disparate and fragmented.  

HEAnet and ICHEC share the vision to expedite IRL-DataSpace by establishing a national-level Data Space Support Centre for Ireland (IRL-DSSC) through which to engage stakeholders across the community for their participation and co-development. 

IRL-DSSC will play a pivotal role in advancing the current national data ecosystem into a federated, FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable), high-SLA and cost-effective ecosystem with robust digital platform resources, services for data sharing and governance, and a national- level professional support team. The IRL-DSSC will engage with and leverage expertise from the EU Data Spaces Support Centre. 

Together, IRL-DataSpace and IRL-DSSC will deliver R&I impact across several disciplines in environment, society, economy at national and international levels, by dealing with grand challenges and informing better public policy-making as outlined in the Impact 2030 Strategy. 

The 2024-2027 roadmap to build the IRL-DataSpace supported by the IRL-DSSC, its working groups and all relevant stakeholders includes 

  • briefings and consultations to onboard all stakeholders,  
  • focused white papers to establish technical specifications for IRL-DataSpace, requirements for different R&I disciplines, and all-island joint activities, 
  • the finalisation and support required from policy-makers and funders, and 
  • development and operationalising IRL-DataSpace as a National Service by 2027. 

The position paper calls out to policy-makers, R&I activities (institutions, research centres, projects, researchers), data systems operators, data holders and governors to collaboratively mature the federated the national data ecosystem in Ireland. 


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