Case Studies

High-performance computing (HPC) is a key tool for improving efficiency, cost effectiveness and reducing time-to-market. 97% of companies that have adopted the technology said they could not compete or survive without it (IDC, 2014).

Tullow Oil Plc.
Tullow Oil

Operating in 24 countries and based in Dublin, the company’s global geophysical technology group supports a wide rage of exploration and production activities across all the company’s assets, through the identification and deployment of critical technologies and provision of integrated seismic acquisition and processing. The geophysical group routinely deals with terabytes of seismic data, which must be processed to produce subsurface images; this large amount of data grows to petabytes in volume. With this significant computational challenge in mind, a partnership was established with ICHEC in 2012 to increase the company’s computing capacity and enhance their technical skills in imaging codes. This partnership has enabled Tullow Oil to access ICHEC’s in-house expertise in high performance computing, utilise the HPC infrastructure and collaborate on research calls resulting in projects like ExSeisDat.

paddy power

High performance computing has been used in finance for years, but it doesn’t necessary mean it requires big, and complicated supercomputer infrastructure. Now that high performance is available on standalone workstations or commodity hardware clusters, financial services firms are adopting it to further advance their competitive advantage within the market place.

Exploiting massively parallel processing for complex real-time simulations and analyses is challenging and requires a distinct set of computational skills we foster at ICHEC. Our collaboration with PaddyPower in 2012 provides an excellent example of the benefits of using HPC in the financial sector.

CADFEM Ireland - Engineering Sandbox

The Irish engineering sector in diverse and technology focused. To meet the increasing demands, ICHEC established an Engineering Sandbox in partnership with CADFEM Ireland, since its establishment in November 2013, the programme has provided Computer-aided engineering services (CAE) to a broad range of industry partners, from Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), to Multi-body dynamics (MBD) and performance optimization. CADFEM Ireland acknowledges the importance and the need of having a national HPC infrastructure in Ireland as proposed by ICHEC. The new infrastructure proves to be instrumental in supporting design production and R&D in many fields such as automotive, aviation, manufacturing, space, and construction industries.


DDN is the world’s largest, privately held, data storage infrastructure provider and high Performance Computing storage market leader. The partnership between DDN and ICHEC started in 2013, over the past three years DDN has worked with ICHEC on several initiatives; Real-World code optimisation projects with DDN’s largest customers, delivering 2x improvements from basic tuning using a structured approached and award winning blended team of technical skills. The results achieved and the technical competency displayed by the ICHEC team was endorsed by DDN at Supercomputing 2015 in Germany in front of international audience of industry leaders. This partnership has enabled DDN to collaborate with ICHEC and Tullow Oil PLC on research calls (see ExSeisDat project).


Founded in 2014, the early-stage biotechnology company develops biotechnology, which allows companies to manufacture bio-therapeutic drugs faster and cheaper. Our R&D partnership was established in 2016 with Valitacell, with focus on developing a prototype platform enabling an efficient input, annotation, and management of individual/groups of fluorescence/ polarisation readings with relevant metadata. The company has recently secured €2 Million under the Horizon 2020 SME instrument programme.

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