Academic Training & Education

ICHEC has an extensive training and education programme that caters for researchers across third level institutions and more generally the Irish workforce. It provides a range of training courses, university education and mentorship opportunities that cover basic to advanced HPC skills, as well as topics on technical computing and computational science. Our academic courses are typically hosted at Irish third level institutions with participation open to all academic researchers without fees.

Training courses
ICHEC PRACE Spring School 2016

Courses provided by ICHEC include induction courses to its HPC environment, basic parallel programming courses (OpenMP, MPI, CUDA), as well as courses targeted at up-skilling researchers to a HPC-ready level, e.g. courses on software engineering, scientific programming with C/Fortran, the R statistical package. ICHEC also has close ties to Universities through courses offered as modules for graduate students. From these courses graduates can attain ECTS credits for completing the relevant courses and assignments.

Graduate modules

Some of our courses have been ECTS accredited and are offered as modules where graduate students can attain ECTS credits for participation and completion of assignments (that are graded). These include the "Scientific Programming Concepts" module, covering basic programming concepts for researchers, and the "HPC & Parallel Programming" module that provides an introduction to fundamental HPC concepts, working in a HPC system environment, and parallel programming using OpenMP and MPI.

Mentorships and internships

ICHEC regularly hosts suitable students and interns to carry out short, targeted projects. Students and interns benefit from working in a dynamic HPC centre under the supervision of ICHEC staff. Support is often made available via a combination of funding from ICHEC, industry partners or European projects (e.g. the PRACE Summer of HPC programme).

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