ICHEC, which was established in NUI Galway in 2005, delivers complex compute solutions to Irish Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), Enterprises and the Public Sector on behalf of the State. It is Ireland’s lead authority in High-Performance Computing (HPC) and manages the national HPC infrastructure, Kay.  As the EuroHPC National Competence Centre for Ireland, ICHEC develops leading edge technologies to promote the adoption of advanced HPC in industry and public administration, and increase competitiveness for Irish companies and SMEs through access to complex compute expertise and services.

    ICHEC supports the third-level research community in breakthrough and transformative coding through its expertise in Code Optimisation, AI, Machine Learning, Data Science and Quantum Technologies. ICHEC enables researchers to bring new solutions to the complex scientific and social challenges of today, provides essential data analysis to public sector bodies and supports SMEs through optimising data challenges. 

    The Irish Centre for High-End Computing represents an excellent example of a modern, lean and efficient mission-focused organisation. Its primary purpose is to accelerate the effective use and adoption of novel technologies such as HPC and technical computing.

    Prof. J-C Desplat

    Core Objectives

    HPC for Economic Competitiveness

    A strong consensus exists among European and US policymakers that High-Performance Computing (HPC) represents a key technology for economic competitiveness.

    History of ICHEC

    Since it's inception in 2005, ICHEC has grown from operating the National HPC Service, used by over 1,400 academic researchers to extensive public sector and industry engagement. As of August 2017, ICHEC has interacted with 150+ companies through face-to-face meetings, resulting in 40+ commercial projects and partnerships.