Training in Deep Learning

Through instructor-led demonstrations and self-paced hands-on exercises, ICHEC provides training on the latest techniques for applying deep learning techniques across a variety of application domains. Participants will explore widely-used deep learning frameworks on GPU-accelerated platforms and network with industry leaders.


AI training workshops from ICHEC


Intensive Onboarding

A 5-day training course to introduce fundamental concepts in deep learning, along with an overview of prominent and widely-used deep learning frameworks. Training will include demonstration of use-cases along with hands-on exercises using the frameworks on GPU-accelerated platforms. Training will be augmented with guest lectures and networking sessions involving industry leaders in deep learning and AI.

Course Structure

  • Programming basics for deep learning (Optional)
  • Deep learning concepts and related machine learning fundamentals
  • Every session contains hands on practical experience
  • Introduction to deep learning frameworks : Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK) / Google Cloud AI and TensorFlow / PyTorch / Caffe2 / MATLAB
  • Guest lectures and demonstrations :

Microsoft     nvidia


MatLab   Intel    



Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of key components in machine learning and deep learning
  • Ability to identify use-cases for machine learning and deep learning
  • Awareness of features and usability of prominent deep learning frameworks
  • Ability to use the deep learning frameworks on a cloud platform





Pre-requisites for participants

  • Approximately 1 year of programming experience with Linux and database knowledge
  • Basic algebra
  • Laptop computer


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The above Deep Learning Training course was delivered in 2018. To learn more about upcoming related courses, email