In 2007, the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, in partnership with all the Irish Universities and major research institutions, and supported by the HEA under PRTLI cycles 3 and 4, led a national initiative in collaboration with ICHEC and HEAnet to provide the Irish research community with access to true capability high-performance computing. The outcome was an IBM solution based on local Blue Gene /L and Blue Gene /P supercomputers along with remote access to additional Blue Gene facilities abroad. Access to these systems was granted through the National Capability Service, which was operated by ICHEC.

Jan '08 - Jan '11
Operational Life
11.11 TFlop/s
Linpack Performance

System Specifications

A single cabinet of IBM Blue Gene/P provided 1024 PowerPC 450 processors.

  • 4096 PowerPC cores @ 850MHz
  • 2TB RAM
  • Blue Gene Tree/Torus network
  • 33TiB GPFS filesystem shared with BG/L

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