The Governance and Management structure in place for the Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC) comprises a Governance Board, and University of Galway-ICHEC Management Committee, and the ICHEC Executive Leadership. These structures were put in place as part of the previous funding cycle, and have been in full operation since. Their Terms of Reference have been included below.

Governance Board

Role: To monitor the activities and progress of ICHEC, ensuring that it is operating in line with expectations and best practice, and delivering on its contractual obligations. The Board advises ICHEC's management on aspects of policy, strategy and overall objectives, identifying relevant indicators and targets against which performance can be measured.

Meets: Biannually.

Reports to: President of University of Galway and ICHEC Stakeholders (the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science and the Higher Education Authority).

Chair: Martin Hynes.

University of Galway-ICHEC Management Committee


Chaired by Professor Walter Gear, the University of Galway Dean of Science and Engineering, the University of Galway-ICHEC Management Committee will provide oversight and advice to the University Management Team (UMT) and the Irish Centre for High-End Computing Director to help ensure the growth and overall success of the Centre. It will bring objective assessment to bear on issues of  performance and management, advise on the appropriate operational and organisational structure to deliver on the vision and mission, review & approve the Centre operational plan and monitor progress against the plan. The University of Galway-ICHEC Management Committee will ensure the Centre outputs meet the University’s and funders requirements effectively and efficiently as well as ensure compliance with University policies and procedures. It will promote the Centre internally and externally and provide assistance to the Governing Board in establishing the Centre’s vision, mission and values.

Meets: Quarterly.

Chair: Prof. Walter Gear, Dean of Engineering and Science

Executive Committee

Role: The Executive Committee includes all decision makers within the Centre. Its purpose is provide a formal setting for the discussion of matters of centre-wide significance, as well as ensuring effective communication for key functions such as Human Resources, Finance and Infrastructure.

Meets: Weekly.

Chair: Prof. J.C. Desplat (ICHEC Director)

Science Council

Role: The Science Council consists of members from various scientific disciplines whose main role is to assess the scientific merit of applications for access to ICHEC's computing services. See below for the full list of members, as well as detailed information about the Science Council's roles and review guidelines. ICHEC's Science Council is a voluntary, pro-bono council.

Meets: By video conference as required. In person, at least yearly.

Reports to: the ICHEC Governance Board.

Chair: Prof. Jiri Vala (NUI Maynooth).

Users Council

Role: Established in 2007, the ICHEC Users' Council is an independent body, supported by ICHEC, responsible for providing formal feedback on the National HPC Service to the ICHEC executive committee. The views of the Users Council represent the views of the entire user community of ICHEC resources; feedback is restricted to operational matters, e.g., users support, scheduling policies, software provision etc.

Meets: Biannually.

Reports to: ICHEC Governance Board

Chair: Dr Elisa Fadda (NUI Maynooth).


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee

Role: The aim of the EDI Committee is to provide oversight and advice on decisions and policies, and to raise
awareness and champion EDI at ICHEC. This activity is aligned with the EDI objectives of University of Galway. 

Terms of reference

Chair: Dr Orna Fennelly

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