ICHEC at BT Young Scientist 2020

ICHEC has an active outreach programme to engage with the general public, promoting greater interest and knowledge in computational science and HPC. We participate in many public events, such as the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition, Culture Night, Pint of Science, where we produce exhibits and interactive demos relevant to what we do. Examples of these exhibits, aimed at children and adults alike, include interactive computer games/simulations, a mini Raspberry Pi cluster, a virtual reality tour of our supercomputer and a 100-year climate simulation of Earth. We have also hosted transition year students, supporting them to carry out interesting computational science projects and providing valuable work experience supervised by our staff.

In addition, we take an active part in relevant scientific and HPC conferences to engage with our peers and the wider scientific/technology communities nationally and internationally. ICHEC has a booth at the annual ISC High Performance and SC conferences, we have also been invited to many other workshops and conferences to showcase our work and expertise (e.g. highlighting our climate modelling work to the agricultural community and government agencies, dissemination of our ground-breaking work on cutting edge HPC technologies).


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