Access to HPC

All Academics and Researchers associated with an Irish third-level institutions Ireland are entitled to ICHEC's Computational Resources. The current resources available to host National HPC Service projects are:

  1. Interim Service Platform on Meluxina (outsourced HPC resources to bridge gap until new National infrastructure available)

Access to these systems requires being a member of a current National HPC Service project. Each project has a Principal Investigator (PI) and can have multiple members as approved by the PI. 

In order to join an existing project and be granted access to the HPC platform:

  1. You must register a central ICHEC account
  2. Once your account is approved, you can apply for two different mechanisms to access computational cycles on ICHEC HPC machines
    • Apply for your own National Service Project
    • Join a current National Service Project by requesting the PI of that project to add you to their project via a Helpdesk ticket.

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