University of Galway-ICHEC Management Committee

The University of Galway-ICHEC Management Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Centre's strategy is implemented and appropriate oversight and advice is provided to ICHEC to help ensure its growth and overall success. 

Roles and responsibilities 

  • Review and approve operational plans
  • Monitor progress, ensuring obligations to funders are being met
  • Ensure compliance with the University's policies and procedures, including, but not limited to, financial, legal, intellectual property, conflict of interest
  • Ensure risk is identified and appropriately managed
  • Provide assistance/input in defining ICHEC's strategy and future development.

The Committee will meet quarterly and will comprise

  • Executive Dean of Science and Engineering, Professor Walter Gear, (Chair)
  • Director of Research, Aengus Parsons
  • HR Manager Research, 
  • Director of Information Solutions & Services (ISS)
  • Director of Management Accounting
  • Head of Research Development
  • ICHEC Director, Prof. Jean-Christophe Desplat
  • ICHEC Senior Finance and Operations Manager

Reporting Relationships

The University of Galway-ICHEC Management Committee will provide annual reports to the University Management Team on progress, developments, and actions undertaken. The Executive Dean of the College of Science & Engineering will provide the link between the Management Committee and the Governance Board


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