ICHEC provides access to a large range of compilers, libraries and high-performance computing packages on it's supercomputer systems (Fionn). If you are interested in using software which is not on the list, it is best to email us at or log a query at ICHEC can also assist you with installing packages for your own use.

We do our best to offer latest versions of all required software. If you require a newer version please ask us for it. Also please note that installations per user/project packages with special licensing, (like Comsol, IDL, CRYSTAL, GAMESS-UK and other) are also available.

This list is not exhaustive and does not include many packages one might take for granted, e.g. perl. Certain packages are installed on a request basis and so may not yet have been requested on a given system.


Package Name

Software Version(s)

ABAQUS 6.14-6 / 2018
ANSYS CFX & Fluent 19.2
CMAKE3: Cross-platform make 3.12.3
DL_POLY 4.09
GAMESS-US aug2.R2.2018
Gaussian 09e01 / 16b01
GROMACS 2018.3
GSL gcc/2.5
NAMD 2.13b1
OpenFOAM 6
Quantum Espresso 6.3
Siesta 4.0.2
VASP 5.4.4
Voro++ 0.4.6