Stoney was funded under the PRTLI Cycle 4 funded project e-INIS. This grant was awarded to NUI Galway who in turn provided the system for national use managed by ICHEC. As well as being a distributed memory cluster, Stoney also hosted ICHEC's first GPUs when 48 NVIDIA Tesla M2090 GPGPU cards were added in 2012.

Jul '09 - Oct '14
Operational Life
4.8 TFlop/s
Linpack Performance

System Specifications

  • 64 Bull NovaScale R422-E2 compute nodes
    • each node contained 2 x quad core 2.8GHz Intel Xeon X5560 
    • 48GB RAM per node
    • DDR InfiniBand half-blocking fat-tree
    • 24 nodes hosted 48 Nvidia Testa M2090 GPUs
  • 21 TiB Lustre Filesystem

Supported By

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