The Stokes machine was the second generation of general purpose HPC National Service system, replacing Walton.  Installed in December 2008, a processor upgrade in August 2010 enabled its operational lifespan to be extended out to five years. The system was hosted in the Daedalus datacentre in UCD.

Dec '08 - Dec '13
Operational Life
25.1 & 36.6 TFlop/s
Linpack Performance (pre and post upgrade)

System Specifications

The SGI ICE 8200EX cluster entered service in December 2008.  In August 2010, a mid-cycle upgrade replaced the compute nodes with the latest Westmere processors thus giving the system a 50% bump in performance. 

  • (Dec '08 - Aug '10) - 320 nodes each with:
    • 2 x 4 core Intel Xeon E5462 (Harpertown)
    • 16GB RAM
  • (Aug '10 - Nov '13) - 320 nodes each with:
    • 2 x 6 core Intel Xeon E5650 (Westmere)
    • 24GB RAM
  • DDR InfiniBand hypercube interconnect
  • 84TiB Panasas storage

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