Project Start Date

01st Jun 2015


Project End Date

31st May 2017


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SESAME Net aims to become a point of entry to HPC (High Performance Computing) for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Europe. For this purpose a mix of internationally respected HPC competence centres and organisations joined forces to raise SMEs’ awareness of HPC and demonstrate its features and benefits.

The vast increase of computational power in the last decades has created exciting opportunities for businesses. HPC has become an essential tool for industry and academia to innovate in many domains and HPC can help spark business innovations, improve design turnaround time for new products, reduce time to market and increase overall competitiveness.

SESAME Net broadens the network of HPC competence centres across Europe to promote access to computational infrastructure and expertise anywhere in Europe, including the dissemination of best practices in HPC industrial use particularly for SMEs.


Overall EC Contribution
Funded Person Months

Specific roles and responsibilities of ICHEC:

  • Member of the project's steering group committee to ensure the achievement of the project results through administrative coordination as well as providing timely and efficient organizational and financial coordination in order to meet contractual commitments.
  • Establish the project's network, its governance, membership and structure, and to develop a business model for sustaining the Network in the longer term.

  • To enable the collection and documentation of best practices in HPC industrial use through an online technical platform for the efficient dissemination to Irish and European SMS and exchange of the collected best practices.

  • Host technical workshops and introduction events to help raise awareness of the network and the technology.

  • To design and implement a model to increase the engagement of HPC Centres with SMEs. This includes understanding SME needs and demands, the current provisioning and business models and determining the best engagement model with Computing Centres.

  • Develop an SME-oriented technical training programme, addressing the gap and needs of SMEs to help fast-track the adoption of HPC technology. 

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