Upcoming Courses

Date Title Duration Location/Online Registration
December 2021 Practical Deep Learning 1 day Online UL-MS8021
28/10/2021 Introductory R course 2 days Online IGEES
26/10/2021 Introduction to Deep learning and Frameworks 7 days Online  UL-CE4031
28/06/2021 Summer of HPC Training Week 5 days Online Restricted to selected students for the Summer of HPC 2021 programme
Sep 2021 Introduction to Scientific Computing for AI & Introduction to Deep Learning Frameworks 14 weeks Online For students enrolled in the National MSc in Artificial Intelligence (online) at UL
Sep 2021 Scientific Programming Concepts @ NUIG 10 weeks Online Please contact training@ichec.ie to enrol into this 5 ECTS credit module. UCD students should see next row.
Sep 2021 Scientific Programming Concepts @ UCD 10 weeks Online Open to UCD graduate students. 5 ECTS credits
Sep 2021 HPC in Molecular and Atomistic Simulations 1.5 days Online TBA


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