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2020 -2015

2020-12-22ICHEC Receives Worlds Highest Performing Commercially available Quantum Simulator Tech Central
2020-12-18Trinity Researchers Fuel EfficiencySilicon Republic
2020-12-17Atos delivers its first GPU accelerated Quantum Learing Maching to the Irish Centre for High-End
2020-11-27New Appointments at Irish Centre for High-End ComputingQuantum Zeitgeist
2020-11-26How Earth Observation data is being used to study Ireland's ecosystems.Tech Experts
2020-11-25How Earth observation data is being used to study Ireland's ecosystemsSilicon Republic
2020-11-25High Demand for Supercomputing Skills at ICHECSCW
2020-11-25High Demand for Supercomputing Skills with New Appointments at Irish Centre for High-End ComputingHPCWire
2020-11-03Irish EuroCC and Quantum Computing Ambitions, Dr Venkatesh KannanPrimeur Magazine
2020-10-29Climate Change, More Storms, More Parasites.Kerryman
2020-10-12Report on Clifden flooding: Can satellite radar assist in flood risk warnings?Agriland
2020-10-09Ireland a Superpower in QuantumIrish Times
2020-10-11Satellite Imagery could be used to identify areas at risk of floodingSunday Business Post
2020-10-07Temperatures, droughts and heavy rain events all set to increase - reportAgriland
2020-10-05ICHEC joins Next Applications of Quantum Computing ProjectHPCWire
2020-09-18Ireland's Climate Expected To Change, Dramatically, By 2050Kildare FM
2020-09-18Ireland’s climate will change dramatically by 2050, say scientistsiRadio
2020-09-18Ireland’s climate likely to drastically change by
2020-09-18Climate predictions for Ireland by 2050 come with unprecedented detailIrish Times
2020-09-18East to get warmer as Ireland's climate to change dramatically by 2050Irish Times
2020-09-17Weather will be extreme in the futureIrish Daily Mirror
2020-09-16New report suggests 'dramatic' change in climate for Ireland by
2020-09-11Dr Aonghus Lawlor announced as recipient of Irish Centre for High-End Computing Flagship AwardInsight Centre
2020-09-14Irish research projects to benefit from eurohpc academic flagship programmeTechCentral
2020-09-07New Irish Competence Centre to fast-track academic and SME participation in EU supercomputing initiativePrimeur Weekly
2020-09-03ICHEC Competence Center to Fast-Track Academic, SME Participation in EU Supercomputing InitiativeHPCWire
2020-09-03News Irish Supercomputing Centre launched as part of EU InitiativeSilicon Republic
2020-06-23Maynooth University research reveals key vulnerabilities in viral trigger for COVID-19Irish Tech News
2020-06-19‘Moving from astrophysics to supercomputing was a natural transition for me’Silicon Republic
2020-06-17ICHEC Appoints Elise Jennings as Senior Computational Scientist to EuroHPC Competence CentreHPCWire
2020-06-17ICHEC steps up EuroHPC capabilities with appointment of Dr. Elise Jennings to National Compentence CentrePrimeur Weekly
2020-06-10High-Performance Computing: A key driver for digital governmentEolas Magazine
2020-06-09SEAI awards €1m to seven Irish-partnered European Energy Projects Silicon Republic
2020-05-25High Performance Computing's Response to Europe's ChallengesCORDIS
2020-05-12ICHEC leads an international project to develop quantum circuit simulation tools for Europe's largest supercomputers. Primeur Magazine
2020-05-12ICHEC Leads International Quantum Simulation ResearchTech Central
2020-05-12ICHEC leads European Quantum Simulation Research Telecom Paper
2020-05-11ICHEC to Develop Quantum Circuit Simulation Tools for Europea Largest Supercomputers Inside HPC
2020-05-04Virus thrives in cooler climatesSunday Times
2020-05-04Moderate Weather is linked to high Covid death rates Sunday Business Post
2020-04-20Contact Tracing Apps RTE Drivetime
2020-04-28ICHEC investigates possible link between climate and Covid-19Primeur Magazine
2020-04-28Irish Team investigating possible link between climate and Covid-19Silicon Republic
2020-04-21Public must have trust in contact-tracing appIrish Times
2020-04-15Space Agency reveals damaging effects of Kerry's Gorse FiresThe Kerryman
2020-04-04Satellite Images Show Illegal Burning in Rural Areas Farmers Journal
2020-04-04Satellite detects increased levels of nitrogen gases in Cork and Kerry due to recent wildfiresRadio Kerry
2020-04-04DAFM clampdown on burning Irish Examiner
2020-04-04Why won't authorities stop hill arsonists Irish Examiner
2020-04-03Fires in Rural areas detected by
2020-04-03Satellite data finds evidence of raging rural fires in Ireland during pandemicSilicon Republic
2020-04-03Spikes in Emissions in Cork and Kerry Linked to Gorse Fires Irish Examiner
2020-04-03Spikes in Emissions in Cork and Kerry linked to Gorse
2020-03-31Three-bit memristor device can store more dataBlocks & Files
2020-03-26Molecular discovery could lead to breakthrough on how data is storedNew Electronics
2020-03-25European HPC ecosystem supports the fight against COVID-19insideHPC
2020-03-25ICHEC Announces Priority Access to High-Performance Computing for COVID-19 ResearchHPCwire
2020-03-24Co-discovery at University of Limerick a breakthrough in data storage and AI, claim
2020-03-24‘Molecular traffic light’ developed at UL helps solve 50-year-old physics puzzleSilicon Republic
2020-03-24Coronavirus researchers to get fast-track access to Irish supercomputerSilicon Republic
2020-03-23ICHEC announces Priority Access to High-Performance Computing (HPC) for COVID-19 researchPrimeur Magazine
2020-03-23ICHEC fast tracks access for Covid-19
2020-03-23ICHEC announces Priority Access to High-Performance Computing (HPC) for COVID-19 researchThe Quantum Daily
2020-03-17ICHEC to Bring European Quantum Technologies Conference to DublininsideHPC
2020-03-12Irish Centre for High-End Computing to Host European Quantum Technologies ConferenceThe Qubit Report
2020-03-10Preparing Ireland for quantum - Irish Centre for High-End Computing brings prestigious European Quantum Technologies Conference to DublinPrimeur Magazine
2020-03-0920 women doing fascinating work in AI, machine learning and data scienceSilicon Republic
2020-03-04Want to know what a career in high-performance computing is like?Silicon Republic
2020-02-09Met Eireann and scientists map climate for UNThe Sunday Times
2020-02-07AI Regulation Limits: The ClusterInnovation Enterprise
2020-02-02Irish data scientists cut the cost of identifying parasites in herdsIrish Times
2020-01-28Irish Centre for High-End Computing Completes Major Climate SimulationsHPCwire
2020-01-24ICHEC completes global climate simulationsPrimeur Magazine
2019-11-12Future Farming Forum events set for the ‘faithful county’AgriLand
2019-11-08Solving a Riddle That Would Provide the World With Entirely Clean, Renewable EnergySciTechDaily
2019-10-17Brains, waves and automobiles: Ireland’s west coast is a scientific playgroundSilicon Republic
2019-10-15Accelerating Research and Enterprise Solutions by Bridging HPC and AIinsideHPC
2019-08-14High-Performance Computing Accelerating Earth Observation and Inland Water Quality Research Eolas
2019-08-13Fastnet debacle: Risk of severe weather was considered slightIrish Times
2019-08-13Modern forecasting could have avoided 1979 Fastnet disasterIrish Times
2019-08-04Ireland risks missing next wave of quantum technologies, experts warnSunday Independent
2019-07-105 unsung science heroes who inspired today’s breakthrough researchersSilicon Republic
2019-06-03Itching for Success - Finding New Ways to Tackle House Dust Mite AllergyPRWeb
2019-05-29Mapping the Irish fintech ecosystemSilicon Republic
2019-05-29‘Permanent careers for Irish researchers don’t exist outside public agencies’Silicon Republic
2019-05-09Ireland’s first satellite data team event to take place in cityGalway Bay FM
2019-04-30How to improve the lot of commuters across IrelandRTÉ (Brainstorm)
2019-04-26Hacking the space economy with ICHEC’s Dr Jenny HanafinTech Central
2019-04-23Earth Observation and space innovation-driven entrepreneurs and enterprises in Ireland encouraged to participate in Hackathon led by ICHEC founded at NUI GalwayIrish Tech News
2019-04-10HPC: Calculating activityTech Central
2019-03-28Irish Centre for High-End Computing calls for participation to the Copernicus Hackathon IrelandPrimeur Magazine
2019-03-06Intel to support the Irish Centre for High End Computing on new collaborative quantum computing projectPrimeur Magazine
2019-03-06Intel and Irish supercomputer group aim for a first in quantum computingSilicon Republic
2019-03-05ICHEC gets quantum computing development fundingTech Central
2019-02-20Ireland facing 3 degree temperature rise this century, conference toldIrish Times
2019-01-23Maynooth conference: towards practical programming in quantum computingTech Central
2019-01-13Young Scientist winner considering academia over industry careerIrish Times
2018-12-07High-performance computing powering the public sectorEolas Magazine
2018-12-05Public to have access to real time satellite data to examine growth of urban areas, water qualityIrish Independent
2018-12-02Delivering breakthroughs at breakneck speedSunday Business Post
2018-11-29Taking on climate change with a supercomputerRTE Brainstorm
2018-11-28Vision for a more tech-focussed health sectorTech Central
2018-11-15Shortlist announced for National Procurement Awards 2018Irish Times
2018-11-20Making high performance computing available to DIT
2018-11-06Super storms 25% more likely, research
2018-11-06Talent garden opens digital innovation school in DublinIrish Tech News
018-10-31Ireland joins European HPC initiativeTech Central
2018-10-27Talent Garden to host data science masterclass at DCU’s Alpha Innovation CampusSilicon Republic
2018-10-212050: a perfect stormIrish Independent
2018-09-14What can you learn about deep learning in just five days?Silicon Republic
2018-09-03The symbiosis of innovation and efficiency in supercomputingEolas Magazine
2018-08-28When supercomputing and AI meets the cloudZDNet
2018-07-17Penguin Computing to deliver Irish National Supercomputer as part of European expansionPrimeur Magazine
2018-06-26Top500 supercomputers list exposes Ireland's continued decline in global competitivenessIrish Tech News
2018-05-15ICHEC unveils new supercomputer for Irish
2018-05-15Ireland to receive new €5.4m national
2018-05-04HPC: from supercomputers to
2018-03-16A solid base for future
2018-02-22The bright future of weather forecastingThe Irish Times
2018-02-21ICHEC competition to solve identity crisis for new
2018-02-21Irish Centre for High-End Computing Asks Students to Name Ireland’s National SupercomputerHPCwire
2018-02-21Minister Richard Bruton launches supercomputer naming
2018-02-21Minister Richard Bruton launches supercomputer naming competitionThe Irish Examiner
2018-02-21Historic Irish women scientists shortlisted for new supercomputer nameSilicon Republic
2018-02-08CIO Folder: ICT
2018-01-26Ireland's first master's degree in AI driven by spectre of a skills shortageSilicon Republic
2018-01-25MA in Artificial Intelligence to begin at University of
2018-01-25Ireland ramps up artificial intelligence kudos with first Masters degreeIrish Independent
2018-01-25Ireland's first industry-driven Masters in Artificial Intelligence is launchedIrish Tech News
2017-12-04Radio Free HPC Looks at a Controversy in the Irish Supercomputing ListInside HPC
2017-12-01Disruptive technologies: shaping future public servicesEolas Magazine
2017-11-29Ireland Reaches #1 in TOP500 Supercomputers per capitaInside HPC
2017-11-28Ireland has record number of top-500
2017-11-28Ireland now ranked first globally in supercomputers per capitaSilicon Republic
2017-10-23If data is the new oil, how can a digital island profit?Silicon Republic
2017-10-04Why Ireland is the AI IslandSilicon Republic
2017-06-23What is the most powerful supercomputer in Ireland?Silicon Republic
2017-03-15Supercomputers may boost life expectancy by 10 yearsThe Irish Times
2017-03-10High Performance Computing: dense, hot and power hungryEolas Magazine
2017-02-23Marie Curie fund helping to develop scientific leaders in IrelandThe Irish Times
2017-01-11Leaders' Insights: JC Desplat director of the Irish centre for High-End ComputingSilicon Republic
2016-12-1510 years of Irish Supercomputing: What has changed?Silicon Republic
2016-12-0910 years of ICHEC: 10 years of InnovationEolas Magazine
2016-10-31Climate change: Water will be the issue for IrelandIrish Times
2016-10-04Irish Centre for High-End Computing: enabling the next wave of innovative researchEngineers Journal
2016-09-10ICHEC: Solutions for All SectorsEolas Magazine
2016-09-08SGI Computers Ireland: Cruinn weather predictions nowEE|Times
2016-07-20Irish supercomputer centre secures Intel funding to predict extreme wave eventsEngineers Journal
2016-07-15Irish computing group funded for oceanic research by US bodySilicon Republic
2016-07-04HPC fuelling innovation: The Irish experienceAdjacent Government
2016-06-30Research lives: In the vanguard of the computing revolutionThe Irish Times
2016-06-16The subtle power of high-performance computingSilicon Republic
2016-02-23Farmer writes: a lot done on climate change, more to doIrish Farmers Journal
2016-02-21‘Ireland can be a world leader in addressing climate change issues’Agriland
2016-02-18Farmers set to use climate prediction toolsIrish Examiner
2016-02-18Advisors play a key role in greenhouse gas emissions challengeIrish Farmers Journal
2016-02-18Weather Projections show reduction in rainfallIrish Farmers Journal
2016-02-18Leading experts gather to discuss climate change and its impact on Irish agricultureThe Avondhu
2016-02-09New test to improve treatment for patients at risk of heart attackMedical Xpress
2016-02-08All eyes focus on Tipperary in Agricultural Science AssociationIrish Examiner
2016-01-27A new European network aims to give Irish businesses access to
2015-12-18Powering public sector innovation with ICHEC and high-performance computingEolas Magazine
2015-11-27Irish summers set to get drier, but winters to be wetterRTÉ News
2015-11-27Ireland's climate likely to get warmer according to EPAIrish Examiner
2015-11-17You have three wishes said the HPC Leprechaun at SC15: low power, fast execution, and ...Xcell Daily Blog
2015-11-03Final shortlist for Irish Software Awards 2015 revealedIBEC News
2015-11-03Ireland's top software companies shortlisted for ISA AwardsSiliconRepublic
2015-10-19NUIG to play major role in EU technology networkGalway Bay FM
2015-10-19NUIG to play major role in EU technology networkConnaught Tribune
2015-10-18Ireland to lead EU consortium on future of supercomputingThe Irish Times
2015-08-02Sunny southeast set to be even hotter by 2060The Sunday Times
2015-07-06The new importance of 'social listening' toolsColumbia Journalism Review
2015-06-04Irish HPC at the fore in Dublin for PraceDays15Scientific Computing World
2015-05-27Dumb Bins to Smart
2015-02-06Bridging the gap between academia and business in Ireland – part twoFujitsu UK & Ireland blog
2015-02-03Bridging the gap between academia and business in Ireland – part oneFujitsu UK & Ireland blog
2015-01-26DNA mapping to investigate causes of motor neuron diseaseThe Engineers Journal

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