Walton was the very first system deployed by ICHEC and was an IBM Cluster 1350 consisting of 479 compute nodes. Each compute node had two single core CPUs and 4 GB of RAM and the network fabric was Gigabit Ethernet.


Sep '05 - Nov '08
Operational Life
3.14 TFlop/s
Linpack Performance

System Specifications

  • 479 IBM e326 compute nodes
    • each node contained 2 single core AMD Opteron 250 CPUs
    • 415 of these nodes had 4GB RAM and 64 had 8GB RAM
    • interconnect via a single Force10 E600 Gigabit switch
  • 13.0 TiB Disk Storage
    • IBM GPFS parallel filesystem
    • IBM DS4500 storage controller

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