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Article Computational Scientists interested in Quantum wanted at ICHEC Novel Technologies
Article ICHEC and Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet engage Tech Leaders to prepare for Quantum Computing Novel Technologies, Training & Education
Article ICHEC joins Next Applications of Quantum Computing Project bringing Ireland into €1B EU Quantum Flagship Initiative Novel Technologies
Article First Results Of Quantum Natural Language Processing (NLP) Initiative With Intel Quantum Computing, Data Science, Novel Technologies
Article Seven Irish Research Projects to benefit from EuroCC_Ireland Academic Flagship Programme Data Science, Novel Technologies, Training & Education
Events European Quantum Technologies Conference 2021 Novel Technologies
Article Creating a Digital Twin for Ireland Data Science, Novel Technologies
Article ICHEC Leads International Quantum Simulation Project Data Science, Novel Technologies
Info Page Training in Quantum Programming Novel Technologies, Training & Education
Info Page ICHEC's Quantum Programming Ireland (QPI) Initiative Quantum Computing, Novel Technologies
Info Page Training in Deep Learning Novel Technologies, Training & Education
Research Projects Skytek Earth Observation, Novel Technologies
Research Projects Innovation Partnerships Data Science, Financial Services, Life Sciences, Novel Technologies, Renewable Energy
Info Page European partnerships Climate and Environmental Science, EC Earth, ETP4HPC, PRACE, Data Science, Earth Observation, Novel Technologies, Training & Education
Info Page Xeon Phi Reseach & Development Climate and Environmental Science, H2020, Intel, IPCC, Xeon Phi, Data Science, Novel Technologies, Oil & Gas, Training & Education

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