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Article 15 June 2020 ICHEC Appoints Dr Elise Jennings to EuroHPC Competence Centre Data Science, Novel Technologies, Training & Education
Events 02 June 2020 European Quantum Technologies Conference 2021 Data Science, Earth Observation, Novel Technologies, Training & Education
Article 26 May 2020 ICHEC Announces postponement of  European Quantum Technologies Conference to November 2021 Data Science, Novel Technologies, Training & Education
Article 25 May 2020 Creating a Digital Twin for Ireland Data Science, Novel Technologies
Article 11 May 2020 ICHEC Leads International Quantum Simulation Project Data Science, Novel Technologies
Info Page 06 June 2019 Training in Quantum Programming Novel Technologies, Training & Education
Info Page 06 June 2019 ICHEC's Quantum Programming Ireland (QPI) Initiative Novel Technologies, Quantum Computing
Info Page 21 February 2018 Training in Deep Learning Novel Technologies, Training & Education
Research Projects 04 December 2017 Skytek Earth Observation, Novel Technologies
Research Projects 06 September 2017 Innovation Partnerships Data Science, Financial Services, Life Sciences, Novel Technologies, Renewable Energy
Info Page 23 August 2017 European partnerships Data Science, Earth Observation, EC Earth, Environmental Science, ETP4HPC, Novel Technologies, PRACE, Training & Education
Info Page 22 August 2017 Xeon Phi Reseach & Development Data Science, Environmental Science, H2020, Intel, IPCC, Novel Technologies, Oil & Gas, Training & Education, Xeon Phi
Research Projects 14 August 2017 Xilinx Novel Technologies
Research Projects 14 August 2017 Cracking codes for optimised data management Novel Technologies, Oil & Gas
Info Page 17 July 2017 Novel Technologies Consultancy, Data Science, Earth Observation, IME, Machine Learning, Novel Technologies, Oil & Gas, Seismic, Training & Education