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2006 (32 articles)

A. Ciardi, S. V. Lebedev, A. Frank, E. G. Blackman, D. J. Ampleford, C. A. Jennings, J. P. Chittenden, T. Lery, S. N. Bland, S. C. Bott, G. N. Hall, J. Rapley, F. A. Suzuki Vidal, A. Marocchino, " 3D MHD Simulations of Laboratory Plasma Jets,", Astrophysics and Space Science, 307, 2006 , 17--22, Source
A. Ciardi, S.V. Lebedev, A. Frank, E. G. Blackman, D. J. Ampleford, C. A. Jennings, J. P. Chittenden, T. Lery, S. N. Bland, S. C. Bott, G. N. Hall, J. Rapley, F. A. Suzuki Vidal, A. Marocchino, " 3D MHD Simulations of Laboratory Plasma Jets", High Energy Density Laboratory Astrophysics, book, 2006 , 17--22, Source
Ahmed M. El-Nahas, Joseph W. Bozzelli, John M. Simmie, Maria V. Navarro, Grainne Black, Henry J. Curran, " Thermochemistry of Acetonyl and Related Radicals", J. Phys. Chem. A, 110, 2006 , 13618--13623, Source
Alessandro Vullo, Ian Walsh, Gianluca Pollastri, "", BMC Bioinformatics, 7, 2006 , 180, Source
A. M. Teweldeberhan, S. Fahy, " Effect of indium-nitrogen bonding on the localized vibrational mode inInyGa1-yNxAs1-x", Phys. Rev. B, 73, 2006 , 245215, Source
Anatoli Korkin, J. C. Greer, Gennadi Bersuker, Valentin V. Karasiev, Rodney J. Bartlett, " Computational design of Si∕SiO2i interfaces: Stress and strain on the atomic scale", Phys. Rev. B, 73, 2006 , , Source
Anatoli Korkin, Jim Greer, T. M. Hendersen, Gennadi Bersuker, Rodney Bartlett, " Oxygen Vacancies at the Si(001)/SiO2 Interface", ECS Transactions, book, 2006 , , Source
Anatoli Korkin, Rodney J. Bartlett, V. V. Karasiev, J. C. Greer, T. M. Henderson, Gennadi Bersuker, " Computational Design of Silicon Suboxides: Chemical and Mechanical Forces on the Atomic Scale", Journal of Computer-Aided Materials Design, 13, 2006 , 185--200, Source
A. R. Rocha, V. M. Garcia-Suarez, S. Bailey, C. Lambert, J. Ferrer, S. Sanvito, " Spin and molecular electronics in atomically generated orbital landscapes", Phys. Rev. B, 73, 2006 , 094433, Source
C. OReilly, S. Sanvito, F. M. F. Rhen, P. Stamenov, J. M. D. Coey, " Magnetization of electrodeposited nickel: Role of interstitial carbon", Journal of Applied Physics, 99, 2006 , 08J301, Source
Cristian G. Sanchez, Maria Stamenova, Stefano Sanvito, D. R. Bowler, Andrew P. Horsfield, Tchavdar N. Todorov, " Molecular conduction: Do time-dependent simulations tell you more than the Landauer approach?", J. Chem. Phys., 124, 2006 , 214708, Source
Damien M. OHalloran, David A. Fitzpatrick, Grace P. McCormack, James O. McInerney, Ann M. Burnell, " The Molecular Phylogeny of a Nematode-Specific Clade of Heterotrimeric G-Protein $upalpha$-Subunit Genes", Journal of Molecular Evolution, 63, 2006 , 87--94, Source
David A Fitzpatrick, Damien M O'Halloran, Ann M Burnell, "Multiple lineage specific expansions within the guanylyl cyclase gene family", BMC Evolutionary Biology, 6, 2006 , 26, Source
David A Fitzpatrick, Mary E Logue, Jason E Stajich, Geraldine Butler, "A fungal phylogeny based on 42 complete genomes derived from supertree and combined gene analysis", BMC Evolutionary Biology, 6, 2006 , 99, Source
D. Thompson, J. A. Larsson, " Modeling Competitive Guest Binding to $upbeta$-Cyclodextrin Molecular Printboards", J. Phys. Chem. B, 110, 2006 , 16640--16645, Source
G. Hallinan, A. Antonova, J. G. Doyle, S. Bourke, W. F. Brisken, A. Golden, " Rotational Modulation of the Radio Emission from the M9 Dwarf TVLM 513-46546: Broadband Coherent Emission at the Substellar Boundary?", The Astrophysical Journal, 653, 2006 , 690--699, Source
Giorgos Fagas, Paul Delaney, James C. Greer, " Independent particle descriptions of tunneling using the many-body quantum transport approach", Phys. Rev. B, 73, 2006 , , Source
Ivan Rungger, Stefano Sanvito, " Ab initiostudy of the magnetostructural properties of MnAs", Phys. Rev. B, 74, 2006 , , Source
Javier Mu~noz-Garcia, Mario Castro, Rodolfo Cuerno, " Nonlinear Ripple Dynamics on Amorphous Surfaces Patterned by Ion Beam Sputtering", Phys. Rev. Lett., 96, 2006 , , Source
Laavanya Parthasarathi, Marc Devocelle, Chresten Sondergaard, Ivan Baran, Colm T. O'Dushlaine, Norman E. Davey, Richard J. Edwards, Niamh Moran, Dermot Kenny, Denis C. Shields, " Absolute Net Charge and the Biological Activity of Oligopeptides", Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, 46, 2006 , 2183--2190, Source
L Fernandez-Seivane, M A Oliveira, S Sanvito, J Ferrer, " On-site approximation for spin-orbit coupling in linear combination of atomic orbitals density functional methods", Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 18, 2006 , 7999--8013, Source
Maria Stamenova, Sudhakar Sahoo, Cristian G. Sanchez, Tchavdar N. Todorov, Stefano Sanvito, " Magnetomechanical interplay in spin-polarized point contacts", Phys. Rev. B, 73, 2006 , , Source
Maxim V. Fedorov, Stephan Schumm, Jonathan M. Goodman, " Solvent Effects and Conformational Stability of a Tripeptide", Computational Life Sciences II, book, 2006 , 141--149, Source
M E Dieckmann, L O'C Drury, P K Shukla, " On the ultrarelativistic two-stream instability", New Journal of Physics, 8, 2006 , 40--40, Source
M. E. Dieckmann, P. K. Shukla, L. O. C. Drury, " Particle-in-cell simulation studies of the non-linear evolution of ultrarelativistic two-stream instabilities", Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 367, 2006 , 1072--1082, Source
Michael Nolan, Simon D. Elliott, " The p-type conduction mechanism in Cu2O: a first principles study", Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 8, 2006 , 5350, Source
N. Jean, S. Sanvito, " Inelastic transport in molecular spin valves: Calculations using the tight-binding Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model", Phys. Rev. B, 73, 2006 , , Source
P. McDonnell, N. Harrison, D. O'Mahoney, P. McHugh, S. Lohfeld, " The use of rapid prototype models for investigation of failure mechanisms in trabecular bone", Journal of Biomechanics, 39, 2006 , S12, Source
Shaun Mahony, Panayiotis V. Benos, Terry J. Smith, Aaron Golden, " Self-organizing neural networks to support the discovery of DNA-binding motifs", Neural Networks, 19, 2006 , 950--962, Source
S. Wang, R. McGrath, T. Semmler, C. Sweeney, P. Nolan, " The impact of the climate change on discharge of Suir River Catchment (Ireland) under different climate scenarios", Natural Hazards and Earth System Science, 6, 2006 , 387--395, Source
Thomas M Keane, Christopher J Creevey, Melissa M Pentony, Thomas J Naughton, James O Mclnerney, "Assessment of methods for amino acid matrix selection and their use on empirical data shows that ad hoc assumptions for choice of matrix are not justified", BMC Evolutionary Biology, 6, 2006 , 29, Source
W. GyHorffy, Thomas M. Henderson, J. C. Greer, " Statistical estimates of electron correlations", J. Chem. Phys., 125, 2006 , 054104, Source

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