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Anna Iwaszuk, Aoife K. Lucid, Kafil M. Razeeb, Michael Nolan, " First principles investigation of anion-controlled red shift in light absorption in ZnX (X ", J. Mater. Chem. A, 2, 2014 , 18796--18805, Source
Aoife Lucid, Anna Iwaszuk, Michael Nolan, " A first principles investigation of Bi2O3-modified TiO2 for visible light Activated photocatalysis: The role of TiO2 crystal form and the Bi3+ stereochemical lone pair", Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 25, 2014 , 59--67, Source
A Vitorino Carvalho, P Reinaud, N Forde, G D Healey, C Eozenou, C Giraud-Delville, N Mansouri-Attia, L Gall, C Richard, P Lonergan, I M Sheldon, R G Lea, O Sandra, " SOCS genes expression during physiological and perturbed implantation in bovine endometrium", REPRODUCTION, 148, 2014 , 545--557, Source
Awadhesh Narayan, Ivan Rungger, Andrea Droghetti, Stefano Sanvito, " Ab initiotransport across bismuth selenide surface barriers", Phys. Rev. B, 90, 2014 , , Source
B. Egan, M.A. McCarthy, R.M. Frizzell, P.J. Gray, C.T. McCarthy, " Modelling bearing failure in countersunk composite joints under quasi-static loading using 3D explicit finite element analysis", Composite Structures, 108, 2014 , 963--977, Source
B. J. Golden, D. F. Li, N. P. ODowd, P. Tiernan, " Microstructural Modeling of P91 Martensitic Steel Under Uniaxial Loading Conditions", Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, 136, 2014 , , Source
Bridget A. Culleton, Patrick Lall, Gemma K. Kinsella, Sean Doyle, John McCaffrey, David A. Fitzpatrick, Ann M. Burnell, " A role for the Parkinsons disease protein DJ-1 as a chaperone and antioxidant in the anhydrobiotic nematode Panagrolaimus superbus", Cell Stress and Chaperones, 20, 2014 , 121--137, Source
Caoimhe A. Sweeney, Barry OBrien, Peter E. McHugh, Sean B. Leen, " Experimental characterisation for micromechanical modelling of CoCr stent fatigue", Biomaterials, 35, 2014 , 36--48, Source
Carlo Motta, Stefano Sanvito, " Charge Transport Properties of Durene Crystals from First-Principles", Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 10, 2014 , 4624--4632, Source
C.A. Sweeney, B. OBrien, F.P.E. Dunne, P.E. McHugh, S.B. Leen, " Strain-gradient modelling of grain size effects on fatigue of CoCr alloy", Acta Materialia, 78, 2014 , 341--353, Source
C. Conway, J. P. McGarry, P. E. McHugh, " Modelling of Atherosclerotic Plaque for Use in a Computational Test-Bed for Stent Angioplasty", Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 42, 2014 , 2425--2439, Source
C. H. Patterson, " Hybrid DFT calculation ofFe57NMR resonances and orbital order in magnetite", Phys. Rev. B, 90, 2014 , , Source
Claire C. Morgan, Christopher J. Creevey, Mary J. OConnell, " Mitochondrial data are not suitable for resolving placental mammal phylogeny,", Mammalian Genome, 25, 2014 , 636--647, Source
Cristina Trujillo, Goar Sanchez-Sanz, Ibon Alkorta, Jose Elguero, " A Computational Study on 3-Azonia-", ChemPhysChem, 15, 2014 , 3493--3501, Source
David M. Martin, Eoin A. Murphy, Fergal J. Boyle, " Computational fluid dynamics analysis of balloon-expandable coronary stents: Influence of stent and vessel deformation", Medical Engineering & Physics, 36, 2014 , 1047--1056, Source
David Weidt, Lukasz Figiel, " Finite strain compressive behaviour of CNT/epoxy nanocomposites: 2D versus 3D RVE-based modelling", Computational Materials Science, 82, 2014 , 298--309, Source
Denys Dutykh, " Evolution of Random Wave Fields in the Water of Finite Depth,", Procedia IUTAM, 11, 2014 , 34--43, Source
Dikshitkumar Khamar, Jacek Zeglinski, Donal Mealey, AAke C. Rasmuson, " Investigating the Role of Solvent-Solute Interaction in Crystal Nucleation of Salicylic Acid from Organic Solvents", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 136, 2014 , 11664--11673, Source
D.J. McGrath, B. O׳Brien, M. Bruzzi, P.E. McHugh, " Nitinol stent design - understanding axial buckling", Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 40, 2014 , 252--263, Source
Dong-Feng Li, Brian J. Golden, Noel P. ODowd, " Multiscale modelling of mechanical response in a martensitic steel: A micromechanical and length-scale-dependent framework for precipitate hardening,", Acta Materialia, 80, 2014 , 445--456, Source
Eamonn O Mairtin, Guillaume Parry, Glenn E. Beltz, J. Patrick McGarry, " Potential-based and non-potential-based cohesive zone formulations under mixed-mode separation and over-closuretextendashPart II: Finite element applications,", Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 63, 2014 , 363--385, Source
E.M. Byrne, M.A. McCarthy, W.A. Curtin, " Pullout of rough multiwall carbon nanotubes: A parametric study,", Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 56, 2014 , 93--102, Source
Emma C. Harvey, Jetsuda Areephong, Attilio A. Cafolla, Conor Long, Wesley R. Browne, Ben L. Feringa, Mary T. Pryce, " Incorporating Cobalt Carbonyl Moieties onto Ethynylthiophene-Based Dithienylcyclopentene Switches. 1. Photochemistry", Organometallics, 33, 2014 , 447--456, Source
Emma C. Harvey, Jetsuda Areephong, Attilio A. Cafolla, Conor Long, Wesley R. Browne, Ben L. Feringa, Mary T. Pryce, " Incorporating Cobalt Carbonyl Moieties onto Ethynylthiophene-Based Dithienylcyclopentene Switches. 2. Electro- and Spectroelectrochemical Properties", Organometallics, 33, 2014 , 3309--3319, Source
Ergun Bicici, Andy Way, " Referential Translation Machines for Predicting Translation Quality", Proceedings of the Ninth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation, book, 2014 , , Source
Ergun Bicici, Qun Liu, Andy Way, " Parallel FDA5 for Fast Deployment of Accurate Statistical Machine Translation Systems", Proceedings of the Ninth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation, book, 2014 , , Source
Fursin Grigori, Miceli Renato, Lokhmotov Anton, Gerndt Michael, Baboulin Marc, Malony Allen D., Chamski Zbigniew, Novillo Diego, Del Vento Davide, "Collective mind: Towards practical and collaborative auto-tuning", Scientific Programming, 22, 2014 , 309–329, Source
G. Aarts, C. Allton, T. Harris, S. Kim, M. P. Lombardo, S. M. Ryan, J.-I. Skullerud, " The bottomonium spectrum at finite temperature from N f=2+1 ", Journal of High Energy Physics, 2014, 2014 , 97, Source
Gabriel Greene-Diniz, Sarah L T Jones, Giorgos Fagas, Michael Haverty, Carlos Martinez Lacambra, Sadasivan Shankar, James C Greer, " Divacancies in carbon nanotubes and their influence on electron scattering", Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 26, 2014 , 045303, Source
Gary McGuire, Bastian Tugemann, Gilles Civario, " There Is No 16-Clue Sudoku: Solving the Sudoku Minimum Number of Clues Problem via Hitting Set Enumeration", Experimental Mathematics, 23, 2014 , 190--217, Source
Giorgos Fagas, Michael Nolan, Yordan M. Georgiev, Ran Yu, Olan Lotty, Nikolay Petkov, Justin D. Holmes, Guobin Jia, Björn Eisenhawer, Annett Gawlik, Fritz Falk, Naser Khosropour, Elizabeth Buitrago, Montserrat Fernandez-Bola~nos Badia, Francois Krummenacher, Adrian M. Ionescu, Maher Kayal, Adrian M. Nightingale, John C. de Mello, Erik Puik, Franc van der Bent, Rik Lafeber, Rajesh Ramaneti, Hien Duy Tong, Cees van Rijn, " Component design and testing for a miniaturised autonomous sensor based on a nanowire materials platform", Microsystem Technologies, 20, 2014 , 971--988, Source
Hadi H. Arefi, Michael Nolan, Giorgos Fagas, " Density Functional Theory with van der Waals Corrections Study of the Adsorption of Alkyl", Langmuir, 30, 2014 , 13255--13265, Source
Hiroaki Tada, Qiliang Jin, Anna Iwaszuk, Michael Nolan, " Molecular-Scale Transition Metal Oxide Nanocluster Surface-Modified Titanium Dioxide as Solar-Activated Environmental Catalysts", J. Phys. Chem. C, 118, 2014 , 12077--12086, Source
Huaiyu Yang, Michael Svärd, Jacek Zeglinski, AAke C. Rasmuson, " Influence of Solvent and Solid-State Structure on Nucleation of Parabens", Crystal Growth & Design, 14, 2014 , 3890--3902, Source
Ian Barnes, Stefan Kirschbaum, John M. Simmie, " Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Reactivity of $upgamma$-Butyro- and Related Lactones", J. Phys. Chem. A, 118, 2014 , 5013--5019, Source
Jacek Zeglinski, Michael Nolan, Damien Thompson, Syed A.M. Tofail, " Reassigning the most stable surface of hydroxyapatite to the water resistant hydroxyl terminated (010) surface", Surface Science, 623, 2014 , 55--63, Source
Jacek Zeglinski, Michael Svärd, Jolanta Karpinska, Manuel Kuhs, AAke C. Rasmuson, " Analysis of the structure and morphology of fenoxycarb crystals", Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling, 53, 2014 , 92--99, Source
J.A. Grogan, S.B. Leen, P.E. McHugh, " Computational micromechanics of bioabsorbable magnesium stents", Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 34, 2014 , 93--105, Source
Jason M. Hudzik, Joseph W. Bozzelli, John M. Simmie, " Thermochemistry of C7H16to C10H22Alkane Isomers: Primary", J. Phys. Chem. A, 118, 2014 , 9364--9379, Source
Jennifer C. Manton, Conor Long, Johannes G. Vos, Mary T. Pryce, " A photo- and electrochemical investigation of BODIPY-cobaloxime complexes for hydrogen production", Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 16, 2014 , 5229, Source
Jennifer C. Manton, Conor Long, Johannes G. Vos, Mary T. Pryce, " Porphyrin-cobaloxime complexes for hydrogen production", Dalton Transactions, 43, 2014 , 3576, Source
Jennifer C. Manton, Saeed Amirjalayer, Anthony C. Coleman, Suzanne McMahon, Emma C. Harvey, Gregory M. Greetham, Ian P. Clark, Wybren Jan Buma, Sander Woutersen, Mary T. Pryce, Conor Long, " Excited state evolution towards ligand loss and ligand chelation at group 6 metal carbonyl centres", Dalton Trans., 43, 2014 , 17797--17805, Source
John J. Carey, Jeremy P. Allen, David O. Scanlon, Graeme W. Watson, " The electronic structure of the antimony chalcogenide series: Prospects for optoelectronic applications", Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 213, 2014 , 116--125, Source
Jonathan Byrne, Philip Cardiff, Anthony Brabazon, Michael O׳Neill, " Evolving parametric aircraft models for design exploration and optimisation", Neurocomputing, 142, 2014 , 39--47, Source
J. P. Gleeson, D. Cellai, J.-P. Onnela, M. A. Porter, F. Reed-Tsochas, " A simple generative model of collective online behavior", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 111, 2014 , 10411--10415, Source
J.-P. Schmoldt, A. G. Jones, O. Rosell, " Structures and geometries of the Tajo Basin crust", Tectonics, 33, 2014 , 1710--1737, Source
Judith Wurmel, John M. Simmie, " Thermochemistry and Kinetics of Angelica and Cognate Lactones", J. Phys. Chem. A, 118, 2014 , 4172--4183, Source
Kapildeb Dolui, Awadhesh Narayan, Ivan Rungger, Stefano Sanvito, " Efficient spin injection and giant magnetoresistance inFe/MoS2/Fejunctions", Phys. Rev. B, 90, 2014 , , Source
Karen Siu-Ting, David J Gower, Davide Pisani, Roman Kassahun, Fikirte Gebresenbet, Michele Menegon, Abebe A Mengistu, Samy A Saber, Rafael de Sa, Mark Wilkinson, Simon P Loader, " Evolutionary relationships of the Critically Endangered frog Ericabatrachus baleensisLargen, 1991 with notes on incorporating previously unsampled taxa into large-scale phylogenetic analyses,", BMC Evolutionary Biology, 14, 2014 , , Source
Kieran P. Somers, John M. Simmie, Wayne K. Metcalfe, Henry J. Curran, " The pyrolysis of 2-methylfuran: a quantum chemical", Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 16, 2014 , 5349, Source
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M. Abdalla, A. Hastings, M. Helmy, A. Prescher, B. Osborne, G. Lanigan, D. Forristal, D. Killi, P. Maratha, M. Williams, K. Rueangritsarakul, P. Smith, P. Nolan, M.B. Jones, " Assessing the combined use of reduced tillage and cover crops for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from arable ecosystem", Geoderma, 223-225, 2014 , 9--20, Source
Mahesh Datt Bhatt, Hugh Geaney, Michael Nolan, Colm O'Dwyer, " Key scientific challenges in current rechargeable non-aqueous Li-O2 batteries: experiment and theory", Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 16, 2014 , 12093, Source
Mahfujur Rahman, Nitin Wadnerkar, Niall J. English, J.M.D. MacElroy, " The influence of Ti- and Si-doping on the structure", Chem. Phys. Lett., 592, 2014 , 242--246, Source
Manuel Kuhs, Jacek Zeglinski, AAke C. Rasmuson, " Influence of History of Solution in Crystal Nucleation of Fenoxycarb: Kinetics and Mechanisms", Crystal Growth & Design, 14, 2014 , 905--915, Source
Marco Lauricella, Simone Meloni, Niall J. English, Baron Peters, Giovanni Ciccotti, " Methane Clathrate Hydrate Nucleation Mechanism by Advanced Molecular Simulations", J. Phys. Chem. C, 118, 2014 , 22847--22857, Source
Maria Elena Grillo, Simon D. Elliott, Jesus Rodriguez, Rafael A~nez, David Santiago Coll, Amit Suhane, Leurent Breuil, Antonio Arreghini, Robin Degraeve, Ahmed Shariq, Volkhard Beyer, Malte Czernohorsky, " First-principles study of oxygen and aluminum defects in $upbeta$-Si3N4: Compensation and charge trapping,", Computational Materials Science, 81, 2014 , 178--183, Source
Matti Heikkurinen, Sandra Cohen, Fotis Karagiannis, Kashif Iqbal, Sergio Andreozzi, Michele Michelotto, " Answering the Cost Assessment Scaling Challenge: Modelling the Annual Cost of European Computing Services for Research,", Journal of Grid Computing, 13, 2014 , 71--94, Source
M. Chernyakova, A. A. Abdo, A. Neronov, M. V. McSwain, J. Moldon, M. Ribo, J. M. Paredes, I. Sushch, M. de Naurois, U. Schwanke, Y. Uchiyama, K. Wood, S. Johnston, S. Chaty, A. Coleiro, D. Malyshev, Iu. Babyk, " Multiwavelength observations of the binary system PSR B1259-63/LS 2883 around the 2010-2011 periastron passage", Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 439, 2014 , 432--445, Source
Meisam Pourali, Simone Meloni, Francesco Magaletti, Ali Maghari, Carlo Massimo Casciola, Giovanni Ciccotti, " Relaxation of a steep density gradient in a simple fluid: Comparison between atomistic and continuum modeling", J. Chem. Phys., 141, 2014 , 154107, Source
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