Bruno Voisin

Bruno Voisin, Ph.D.

Senior Data Scientist
Ph.D. in Computer Science, Université Toulon Var (France).
+353 91 397 866
NUI Galway

Bruno graduated in Computer Science at the University of Toulon Var (France) and in 2002 obtained his Ph.D in Computer Science in partnership with the Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille, working on a data mining approach to cross-referencing astronomical catalogues. In 2003, he joined Andy Shearer's Scientific Computing Group (now Computational Astrophysics Laboratory) in NUI Galway as a post-doctoral researcher, pursuing data science work within the context of astronomy, with participation in the COSMOGRID and WebCom-G projects and focusing on their relevance for the design of Virtual Observatory applications.

He then joined ICHEC in February 2008 under the e-INIS infrastructure project, to assist the design and implementation of information systems for Humanities and Social Sciences throughout Ireland in partnership with the Irish Digital Humanities Observatory (DHO). Since then, he's been mostly working in the context of ICHEC's Technology Transfer activities, providing data analytics expertise and training to research groups, public sector agencies and industrial partners.

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