Paul Nolan, Ph.D.

Climate Science Programme Manager
+353 1 529 1032
HPC Hub Dublin

Paul has a PhD in Meteorology (UCD), a M.Sc. in Mathematics (NUIM), a M.Sc. in High Performance Computing (TCD) and a B.Sc., in Mathematics (NUIG). He has lectured on Climate Dynamics and Mathematics at UCD and TCD for over six years before Joining ICHEC in March 2013. 

Paul is currently managing four EPA/GSI projects in the areas of modelling the present and future climate of Ireland. One such project involves working with Met Éireann on running EC-Earth global climate simulations. The results will contribute towards the CMIP6 project and the resulting Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) AR6 reports. A second EPA-funded project involves using Regional Climate Models to dynamically downscale the global data in order to provide highly-detailed climate projections for Ireland.


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Research Reports (2005-2020):

Flanagan, J., Nolan, P., (2020). Towards a definitive historical high-resolution climate dataset for Ireland – promoting climate research in Ireland. EPA Research Report 350. [Read]

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