Oversight Committee

Terms of References

(version of May 2013, currently under review)

Roles and responsibilities of the Oversight Committee

  • Provide oversight and advice to University Management and the Centre Director to help ensure the growth and overall success of the Institute.
  • Bring objective assessment to bear on issues of  performance and management
  • Advise on the appropriate operational and organisational structure to deliver on the vision and mission
  • Review & approve Centre operational plan and monitor progress against the plan
  • Ensure Institute outputs meet the University’s and funders requirements effectively and efficiently
  • Ensure compliance with University policies and procedures e.g. health & safety, funder requirements, legal / IP requirements, and other University requirements
  • Promote the Centre internally and externally
  • Provide assistance to the Governing Board in establishing the Centre’s vision, mission and values


The ICHEC Oversight Committee shall comprise the following members:

  • Vice-President for Research (Chair)
  • Dean of Engineering and IT
  • Dean of Science
  • ISS, Director of ISS
  • Director of Management Accounting
  • University Solicitor
  • Director of HR or nominee

Membership of the Board shall be reviewed regularly by the Chairperson.

Reporting Relationships

The Board shall report to UMT, and shall provide annual reports to UMT on progress, developments, and actions undertaken.


The Committee shall meet quarterly


See Terms of References above.