23rd May onwards
€1,600 (€1,280 with Skillnet)
Charted Accountants House, 47 -49 Pearse Street, Dublin 2

Deep Learning Training: Level 2

An 8-week (4 hours per week) advanced training course to work on advanced concepts and use-cases in deep learning. Training will be achieved through offline study of material for the advanced concepts and solving basic exercises, as a lead up to each of the 4-hour session over 8 weeks. Training sessions will include personal discussions of the advanced concepts and hands-on sessions for advanced use-cases.

    Course Structure

    • Advanced concepts and exercises 
      • Image classification, object detection, image segmentation
      • Linear classification
      • Signal processing
      • Natural language processing
      • Time series analysis
      • Fraud and outlier detection
    • Project
      • Self-designed project implemented using one of the deep learning frameworks
      • Selection and implementation guided by ICHEC instructors

    Microsoft     nvidia


    MatLab   Intel    



    Learning Outcomes

    • Application of deep learning techniques to practical examples and use-cases
    • Ability to work with large and real-world data sets for deep neural networks
    • Ability to identify, develop and implement a deep learning solution for a practical problem

    Pre-requisites for participants

    • Details about the deep learning training courses based on the flyer content. Download brochure here.
    • Write to us for details at deeplearningtraining@ichec.ie
    • Call us for details at 00353 (0) 1 524 1608