Innovation Vouchers

Innovation Vouchers are provided by Enterprise Ireland as the ideal means to fund small or pilot projects, looking to investigate a new technology or undertake performance benchmark. 



Founded in 2014, the early-stage biotechnology company develops biotechnology which allows companies to manufacture bio-therapeutic drugs faster and cheaper. Our R&D partnership was established in 2016 with Valitacell, with focus on developing a prototype platform enabling an efficient input, annotation, and management of individual/groups of fluorescence/ polarisation readings with relevant metadata. The company has recently secured €2 Million under the Horizon 2020 SME instrument programme.

Opening io


The Dublin-based startup was founded in 2015, and uses advanced data science and machine learning technology to support recruitment processes. The project with Opening.IO looked at reviewing the performance of deep learning versus classical machine learning approaches through extensive use of the software APIs provided by The outcome of this analysis found that the company's stack is a perfectly fit-for-purpose platform in the area of job search. The Startup has won €30,000 in investment at the NDRC Investor Day in spring 2017.

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WeSavvy is a digital insurance platform that enables Financial Services Providers to engage more effectively with customers. Considering scalability and big data performance related topics, the company engaged with us in 2016 to address the outlined set of challenges. The Dublin-based startup was founded in 2016 and has been chosen to take part in a global business accelerator programme - Global Insurance Accelerator (GIA).

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Salaso Health Solutions                            

An Enterprise Ireland high potential start-up whose product is used to prescribe exercise programmes for people with injuries. The company has created a video library of over 1,000 HD exercise videos that are hosted in the cloud and a smart search engine that was engineered by ICHEC, enabling physiotherapists and doctors means to quickly search the library, find the exercises they want and customise the programme for their patients. The Startup has three female co-founders, and successfully raised €300,000 in 2016 to further develop their products and services.


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