An Operational Climate Change Platform

Bring Ireland’s Climate Information Platform (ICIP) to an operational standard.


Currently for Ireland, there is a significant amount of information on a wide range of climate variables, projected changes in these and as a result a growing understanding of the expected spatial and sectoral impacts of climate change.  Policy progress is also being made in responding to the challenges presented by climate change. As a result, the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) identified the requirement for a Climate Information Platform for Ireland (ICIP) to act as a one-stop web-based resource of climate and adaptation information for Ireland.

ICHEC operates the Climate Information Portal on behalf of the EPA.

Developed by MarEI / UCC, the Climate Information Portal provides a unified authoritative source of climate change information and its impacts on Ireland.  This includes multiple tools providing Climate change data and projections, data from global and regional climate modeling projections done by ICHEC, Met Éireann and UCD as part of the EPA Climate Change Program.

The Climate information tools on the portal provide regional information in graphical format, from the climate simulations done by Dr Paul Nolan for Ireland. This work is being expanded with the next round of global simulations (CMIP6) and regional downscaling data, and the portal will remain the primary access point for this data for local authorities and general users.


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